HSI Permanent Magnetic Lifter 220 Lbs Flat

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Permanent Lifter (220 lbs flat) 

  • Use to lift and transport steel and iron for factories, docks, warehouses, transportation and more.
  • Turning the manual handles activates or turns off the magnet
  • Strong attraction gives this tool a pwerful lifting ability while it's small size and light weight make it easy and safe to operate.
  • Effective for long periods with no need for a power supply
  • Permanent magnet 
  • Safety factor 3.0


Maximum Loads (LBS)
HSI# Flat Round
HSI-ML00220 220 110
HSI-ML00660 660 330
HSI-ML01320 1320 660
HSI-ML02200 2200 1100
* HSI-ML04400  4400 2200
* HSI-ML06600 6600 3300
* HSI-ML13200 13200 6600



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