Flashbang Magazine 12 Fall 2019 (MYA GR / TOU AU / GEI ES)

In stock

In stock
This issue includes :
- MYA (Greece)
- TOU (Australia)
- GEI (Spain)

From the ancient and always busy Athens bay, MYA, the spearhead of the Hellenic Coast Guard can strike anywhere in the Aegean sea to protect Greece’s interests. Highly trained assaulters and divers, they are proud of their Spartan heritage and are ready for any maritime interdiction actions, hostage rescues or terrorism situations that may arise.

As New South Wales Police Force tactical unit, TOU is tasked with responding to high-risk and sensitive law enforcement situations including terrorist attacks, hostage crises, active shooters situations, violent crimes, armed offenders and high risk warrants. Operating out of Sydney, the very professional and well-equipped force maintains a high level of readiness through constant training and the acquisition of state of the art tactical equipment.

GEI s prepared for any situation that could compromise the security of Barcelona, the second-most populated municipality in Spain and one of the sixth most populous urban area in the European Union. The quite young elite unit maintains a high level of operational readiness and works relentlessly to adapt to always evolving threats. They operate around the clock to keep the beautiful Catalan city out of arms way.

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