Hudson Supplies is proud to be a part of DLS SUMMIT Oct 4-5th 2022.

Hudson Supplies is a canadian private corporation established since 1979 (Successor of CH Hudson 1964) with offices and warehouses in Canada and USA.

In Canada we are a leading brand of components for manufacturers and distributors of first responders tactical gear (Law enforcement & Swat, Army & Special Forces, SAR, Medic). We are also an importer and distributor of equipement professionals: Backpacks, Chest Rigs, Drones, Plate Carriers, Medical Equipement, Seat Panels for armoured trucks and much more.  We have partners where we are act as an agent and/or offer consulting services from our Aerospace and Defense Division.

In USA, we are a leading manufacturer and distributor of magazines holders (5.56, 6.8SPC, 7.62HD and Pistol) for USA Armed Forces and Law Enforcement. We are also an importer and dealer of tactical equipement.

For Hudson Supplies, our Components Division, we will present at DLS Summit, components/fasteners you can use for your armed forces.

You can book an appointment with our CEO. We have hired for the show a professional translator.