Combat Wipes - Commando

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BLACK  100% Bio-Degradable Outdoor Cleansing

and Refreshing Wipes - Unscented 

25ct per pack

About the product:

THE IDEAL OUTDOOR WET WIPE – for anyone out in nature with no access to a shower or fresh water.

UNIQUE CLOTH DESIGN – the only black fabric in the market for ultimate camoflauge!

PERFECT SIZED- (7.1x8.3”, 18X21cm), with thick, textured cloth for the best feeling and cleansing effect.

SINGLE WIPE PULL OUT – for the ultimate convenience of use.

SAFE FOR USE- unscented, alcohol-free, aloe and vitamin E, and antibacterial formula to protect your skin.

NO HARM DONE- earth-friendly and 100% biodegradable.

Product description:

COMBAT WIPES™ COMMANDO BLACK WIPES fit your unique camouflage needs while keeping you fresh and clean.  These wipes are essential for ANYONE experiencing the outdoors who does not have access to a  shower or fresh water, yet wants to stay clean, refreshed and environmentally conscious.  

If you are outdoors, and you wish to eliminate the dirt or sweat from your face and body, if nature calls, or if you need to deodorize, COMBAT WIPES™ will save the day.  If you care about keeping our planet CLEAN and free of waste, this product is for you.

The COMMANDO composition of unique BLACK cloth and lotion was selected after extensive lab testing and battlefield experience. We do not intend to replace a proper shower! If you have a chance to have one, or to clean yourself with fresh water and soap, do so! But COMBAT WIPES™ COMMANDO are vital in many situations where fresh water is not available and you wish to clean your face and body. Every wipe is conveniently folded on its own, designed to easily pull a single wipe out without the hassle of fighting the next one to remain inside the package!

GREAT FOR ANY OUTDOOR ACTIVITY. Going hunting, night photo-shooting, or to an outdoor mission and need a camo-wet wipe? Make sure to take your COMBAT WIPES™ COMMANDO. Just insert our neat pack into any backpack pocket, easily pull a SINGLE wipe out to freshen up.

Don’t forget to bury in the soil after use, and the wipe will go back to nature within 3 months!

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