Availability and Stocking on the Website

Products that are available for sale online are indicated by a small blue shopping basket symbol on the top right corner.

The inventory will be adjusted on a weekly basis.
We have allocated just a portion of our stock for our online store, therefore it is possible, from time to time, that we do have stock when the website indicates that we do not, or, vice versa (we do not have stock although the website indicates that we do.

You will be advised of any shortages on your order by email within 1 business day and given the choice of

a)   receiving a substitutionof equal or better value

b)   receiving a full refund for that product

c)   cancelling the whole order and receiving a full refund

Some products on the website are available for quotations only (no blue shopping cart in the top right corner)

  • MOQ applies
  • Delivery time quoted is approximate